The Pillars of Health coalition believes that all citizens in the European Union should have equal access to skilled, motivated and supported health workers. Join us to address the unequal geographic distribution of health workers across the European region and to optimize access to health workers for everyone.

Romanian health workers in the Netherlands: why they leave or stay

Romania has a severe health workforce crisis. More than 80% of medical students are planning to leave and the number of doctors and nurses that work in the hospitals decreases year after year. We spoke with three Romanian health workers about this issue. "The entire Romanian health care system should be reformed and restructured."

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White paper on how to solve Europe's health workforce crisis

In a new white paper, we call on all EU Member States to move away from international competition for health workers, and instead take united action to enable health workers across Europe to deliver high-quality healthcare to all EU citizens. read the full article

Infographic: guiding questions to better understand health worker migration in Europe

Our new infographic shows a set of guiding questions for researchers and policymakers, to better understand the underlying factors of health worker migration in Europe and ultimately steer health workforce policy and improve access to healthcare. read the full article

Infographic: where are Europe’s health workers going?

Our new infographic shows where Europe's health workers are going and how the European Commission can improve access to healthcare by strengthening and standardizing data on health worker mobility. read the full article
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