Romania Country report on health worker migration and mobility in Romania (English) report Romania Country report on health worker migration and mobility in Romania (Romanian) report Germany Country report on health worker migration and mobility in Germany report

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Trouw (Dutch) In Turkije cum laude geslaagd, in Nederland aan het werk in de zorg link BBC Half of new nurses and midwives come from abroad link Politico EU Commission unveils plans to boost legal migration link International Organization for Migration (IOM) Emigration of health and information and communication technology professionalsfrom Bosnia and Herzegovina link Health Policy Watch At pandemic’s two year milestone: more investment in the world’s nurses is needed – now link Euractiv European Health Union – not wishful thinking, but a reflection of Europeans' real concerns link Euractiv Unpaid, undervalued: Women shoulder three-quarters of the burden of EU caregiving link Bloomberg Nurses who faced lawsuits for quitting are fighting back link Reuters Rich countries' access to foreign nurses during Omicron raises ethical concerns, group says link New York Times Rich countries lure health workers from low-income nations to fight shortages link People's Health Dispatch Health workers want a fair post-pandemic world link International Centre on Nurse Migration Sustain and retain in 2022 and beyond link Eurofound COVID-19: A turning point for upward convergence in health and healthcare in the EU? link Martin Mckee - European Journal of Public Health Building back better: why we need to fix the health worker divide in Europe link ZDF (German) Ausländische Pflegekräfte :"Das grenzt an modernen Menschenhandel" link Vytenis Andriukaitis - The Progressive Post How can we find a balance between free movement and shortages in the healthcare workforce in the EU? link Al Jazeera In Pictures: One of Bulgaria’s oldest doctors in virus fight link Public Services International Building Resilience Across Borders: A Policy Brief on Health Worker Migration link Correctiv (German) Serbien geht gegen deutsche Vermittler von Pflegekräften wegen illegaler Anwerbung vor link Correctiv Nurses for sale: German sector link European Journal of Public Health Health professional mobility in the WHO European Region and the WHO Global Code of Practice: data from the joint OECD/EUROSTAT/WHO-Europe questionnaire link Euractiv Post-summer COVID news: Hungary’s healthcare workers should see their base salaries double link (German) Serbien setzt Kooperation zur Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus link Politico The EU exodus: When doctors and nurses follow the money link
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