Country report on health worker migration and mobility in Romania

In this report, we describe the health workforce and health system in Romania, as well as the push and pull factors and flows of migration and mobility of health workers in Romania.

In addition, based on a series of in-depth interviews, we describe the perspectives on migration of health workers remaining in Romania, as well as the experience of migrant Romanian health workers working abroad. We also aimed to explore the influence of gender and whether this was a factor in the decision of
health workers to migrate.

Finally, based on our research, we provide conclusions and recommendations for the retention of health workers, for central authorities in Romania (e.g. the Ministry of Health), such as making more jobs available for health workers, and implementing changes in the medical education system.

This report was written by our Pillars of Health partner Center for Health Policies and Services (Romania).

Please click on the image below to read the full report.

The Romanian version of the country report is also available: please read it here.

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