Survey: we are looking for health workers who migrated in EU and neighbouring countries 

Are you a health worker or do you know health workers with experience with migration within Europe? Then we welcome you to fill out and/or forward our anonymous survey or schedule an online interview with our partner Athena Institute (Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam). Athena Institute has developed a survey to better understand the motivations and experiences […] read the full article

Romanian health workers in the Netherlands: why they leave or stay

Romania has a severe health workforce crisis. More than 80% of medical students are planning to leave and the number of doctors and nurses that work in the hospitals decreases year after year. We spoke with three Romanian health workers about this issue. "The entire Romanian health care system should be reformed and restructured." read the full article

Time to act now: the health workforce crisis is a collective, EU-wide crisis

The European Union should support its Member States with addressing their national health workforce shortages. The consequences of mobility and migration of health workers in the EU has led to a cross-border, internal EU-wide crisis. read the full article

Conference about health workforce challenges, free movement of labour and medical deserts

Corinne Hinlopen (Pillars of Health's project officer) will present a civil society view on equitable training, retaining and distribution of health workers. read the full article

Panel discussion on health workforce recruitment in Europe and beyond at the World Health Summit 2022

Organisers are Pillars of Health, dpgg (German Platform for Global Health), and vdää (Association of Democratic Physicians). read the full article

Pillars of Health has been launched!

On May 20th, we successfully launched our new website and coalition during an engaging and dynamic session. read the full article
Act now and be part of the change!

Act now and be part of the change!

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