Infographic: guiding questions to better understand health worker migration in Europe

Our new infographic shows a set of guiding questions for researchers and policymakers, to better understand the underlying factors of health worker migration in Europe and ultimately steer health workforce policy and improve access to healthcare. Health workers in Europe are leaving their home countries in search of better working conditions and career opportunities elsewhere. […] read the full article

Infographic: where are Europe’s health workers going?

In our new infographic, we recommend how the European Commission can improve health worker mobility data, to understand where Europe’s health workers are going. This can support governments with steering health workforce policies, to retain their health workers and ultimately improve access to healthcare for Europe’s citizens. The infographic is based on the findings from […] read the full article

Cross-country analysis of health worker mobility across the European Union and neighbouring countries (2010 – 2022)

This report provides a cross-country analysis of health worker mobility data within the EU and neighbouring countries from 2010 – 2022. It is based upon desk research and secondary and publicly available data retrieved from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) database and the European Commission Regulated Professions Database (RPD). It focuses on […] read the full article