Book launch: A European Health Union - a blueprint for generations

How can the European Union ensure equal access to health workers, while freedom of movement and health worker migration are a given? This is one of the questions discussed by global health advocate and project lead Corinne Hinlopen of Wemos (Pillars of Health lead organization) and Prof. Annette Schrauwen (University of Amsterdam) in their book chapter in the new book ‘A European Health Union: a blueprint for generations’, published by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

Edited by Vytenis Povila Andriukaitis (who was part of our panel at the Pillars of Health coalition launch webinar) and Gedeminas Cerniauskas, the book delves into the connections with other European policies, explores the potential institutional and treaty changes, and, discerns what the most urgent steps are on the road towards an inclusive and social European Health Union.

In their chapter, Corinne Hinlopen and Prof. Annette Schrauwen discuss the disbalance of health worker availability in the European Union and what actions should be taken – at Member State level as well as at EU level – to address this issue and to ultimately ensure equal access to health care for European citizens. For one, the European Commission’s recognition of the problem in the EU Care Strategy and the inclusion of the territorial gap in the proposed recommendation on affordable long-term care can be regarded as a necessary first step.

Read ‘A European Health Union – a blueprint for generations’.

The book launch was broadcoasted live on YouTube. Watch the recording below to watch Prof. Annette Schrauwen’s presentation about the book chapter (starting at 48:24).

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